Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The long awaited moment to officially launch the Nu-Feminism Movement is only a few days away. The overall excitement of initiating a planetary paradigm of spiritual liberation is an overwhelming sensation of horripilations. May all the Nu-Feminists of the world share this wonderful experience of "Lovetricity!"

On November 19, 2008 a numerical vibration of 4 will generate a resonance of spiritual transmission that will take physical manifestation, and spiritual liberation will begin its evolutionary ascension, initiating the journey toward Godhood. This date marks the beginning of The Age of Agape! Lovetricity will begin to raise the human vibration to a frequency level far beyond the reality of evil, and righteousness will assume its human expression of divine duty as a behavioral paradigm of human nature.

As a hologram of God (The Omnipotent; the Infinite Mind of Intelligence; the Supreme Architect) the human soul will manifest its reality into human consciousness through spiritual development. When the human soul experiences a frequency of 75 Hz or greater divine love will over power the ego and the experience of "Lovetricity" will transform a human being into a human doing. We must all be doing what divine destiny has ordained us to do. In the Perennial Philosophy of Nungkyyii we call this divine action the "Law of Being."

The time has come for the third stage of brain evolution (intuition). The previous brain stages of instinct and intellect are inferior to the world of spirituality. Spiritualization must engender the synthesis of instinct and intellect in order to create intuitive consciousness. Old humanity can not survive its physical reality of finite existence. As spiritual beings by nature we are endowed with an infinite reality that we must claim as our divine inheritance. In order to claim such divine status we must create a new humanity; a race of Super Humans!

Welcome to "The New Revolution;" a spiritual transformation so stealth, powerful and prevalent that all the evil forces in the universe can't possibly interfere or sabotage its manifestation. The human soul is about to reveal its God-Seed from within out into humanity. Humanity will take on its Godhood and Godliness will flourish as an individual identity of a child of God. Becoming an individual will be the greatest challenge of Godliness. To become an individual you must become a whole human being. As victims of separatism and a reality of dualism we have been divided into a dichotomy of ego and soul; higher self and lower self, with a nature of masculine and feminine traits. In the world of spirituality separatism and duality are non existent. Integration is the way of spirituality. To become a complete human being we must integrate the soul and the ego; the higher self and the lower self, the feminine and the masculine. In the language of Nungkyyii, we must be come "Homo Novus Androgynous" (completely new and super humans). When we finally become who we are suppose to be we must then face the test of faith to prove our confidence of acceptance of our fate of destiny. That test involves the experience of cruelty, judgment and persecution for being different from the norm; a journey of solitude, meditation and intercourse with God. When we emerge from the sacred fire of suffering, sacrifice and service and pain subsides into self-esteem, our armor of individuality is impenetrable by the arrows of criticism and judgment. As a complete individual we become emotional independent. Our self-esteem is self-love oriented rather than codependent. Once we love our self beyond the love of others we then have the strength to handle the destiny of our true identity.

Nu-Feminism will certainly address the soul cruelty and spiritual violence of dehumanization. Human identity, be it heterosexual or homosexual is orchestrated in a divine scheme far above the conscious minds of social engineers, cultural vanguards and religious zealots. Becoming a Super Human Being has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It involves the evolution of the highest state of human perfection possible in this life time. Nu-Feminism will intelligently cultivate the prestige of human dignity. We denounce this social system and its dehumanizing culture of human thralldom. We must protect the fragile souls of our precious brothers and sisters of unconventional preference. Coming out of the closet; proudly identifying with vulgar names of sexual chastisement, and diligently fighting to win acceptance in a social system unworthy of human dignity will be declared a spiritual assault against the human soul and the love of self. A complete individual of emotional independence need not identify emotionally and intimately with another person publicly. He or she becomes liberated from codependency, possessiveness and the need to be identified with a mate.

When brothers and sisters return back into the closet and become human doings rather than human beings; loving humanity unconditionally, and carrying out their divine role of individual destiny, there will be so much lovetricity and divine happiness going on that gender or sexual identity will be totally irrelevant.

Nu-Feminism is not an economic base movement. There are no obligations of monetary fees or services. Our first planetary gathering as an organizational world convention will occur on November 19, 2009 in the magic city of Las Vegas. In the meanwhile becoming a greater human being through the practice of meditation, spirituality and a lifestyle of rightfulness, and demonstrating the feminine principles of love, peace, unity, harmony, integration, cohabitation, cooperation, collaboration, nurturance, creativity, spirituality and truth makes you an official Nu-Feminist.

As our website designers and engineers improve our website our communication ability will greatly improve and our blog will become more interactive between Nu-Feminists around the world.

The excitement begins November 19, 2008. All of those who declare themselves Nu-Feminists are being asked to meditate for the success of our movement and charge another Human Doing with "Lovetricity."

The Will of LOVE & TRUTH

Trialfa Ankh-Maat Omega